xQc explains why he thinks streamers are more entertaining than esports broadcasts

The story is the most important aspect of the event, xQc argues.

Screengrab via xQc

Popular variety streamer and former Overwatch League player xQc voiced his opinion on esports broadcasters during a recent stream.

The Twitch personality said he believes the most entertaining part of the commentary is the story and how a player came to be in the position they are at the end, not just the big highlight moments of a match.

“Storytelling is where the fight began. What tools did the team have to get there? How did they fight? How did they overcome adversity? How did they come back from such a loss,” xQc said. “All these things—they matter, like in Fortnite, what gun did you start with? Which chests did he open and did you get lucky? Did you get unlucky? Did you have to grind for mats? Did you have a bad spawn? Did you have a good spawn? Did you almost die? Did you get respawned by your teammate? There’s a lot of good things and these things matter more than the plays themselves.”

The streamer said this why he believes it’s more entertaining to watch a single player’s point of view than to follow a tournament broadcast in battle royale esports. The viewing experience in BR games such as Fortnite, PUBG, and Warzone sometimes lacks in storybuilding as the commentators try to jump from player to player in an event.

For this reason, fans do not often see how a player got to a certain point in a match, which can take away from the story, as xQc pointed out. Nonetheless, BR esports have proven to be very popular despite the disadvantages it faces in broadcasting.