XQc gives boost to Twitch Rivals Overwatch 2 Pride Celebration viewership

He helped the event win... by losing every match.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/xQc

Fans are used to seeing xQc at the top of Twitch. The former Overwatch pro practically lives his entire life on stream and regularly maintains the throne as the platform’s most-watched content creator.

So it’s no surprise that when Twitch Rivals and Blizzard teamed up to host an Overwatch 2 Pride Celebration tournament that xQc would show up and give the event an enormous bump in viewership. Yesterday’s eight-team event featured a plethora of top OW gamers as team captains, including notorious one-trick streams like Fitzyhere and former pro fragger Mendo.

Joining Mendo’s team, xQc posted 254,113 hours watched during the event, averaging 70,915 viewers, according to Esports Charts. His viewership accounted for well over half of the event’s viewership and an average of 92,081 viewers.

The event, which lasted around five hours yesterday, featured a format in which teams were split into two groups of four teams and played a round-robin on a control map. The top two teams in each group went on to play in the championship bracket, while the bottom two played in a consolation bracket. The bracket stage was single-elimination and was best-of-three with a Push, Hybrid, and Escort map.

While xQc may have led the event in viewership, it wasn’t because his team performed particularly well. In fact, his team lost every single match. In group B, the team fell 0-2 in every control map it played. During the consolation bracket portion of the event, Team Mendo lost its first match 0-2 before losing one final match to determine what team would be last place. In the last-place match, xQc’s squad lost to Team AnneMunition, winning just one map to the opposing team’s two maps.