Where to download the OTV and Friends Minecraft server modpack

Try it out for yourself.

Image via Mojang

Offline TV recently relaunched their OTV & Friends Minecraft server, but this time there are some new features to spice things up.

Unlike the original OTV & Friends server, the current one is intended to provide a vanilla Minecraft experience with a helping hand from mods to add both cosmetic and progression-based enhancements.

The server right now boasts around 40 creators and includes some of Twitch’s most popular personalities. Each week there is a plan to introduce more creators into the mix, however, at this stage, it doesn’t look like there will be any opportunities for fans to get involved.

Fortunately, a mod pack has surfaced online claiming to be what is currently being used on the OTV & Friends server. Once installing this, fans can experience all the benefits the streamer server brings to the game of Minecraft by themselves or with their friends.

What is in the Minecraft OTV & Friends Modpack?

Image via Facebook (Disguised Toast)

In a post to Curseforge, user SharkieFPS shared a download link to the OTV & Friends Modpack, which is a modified version of the popular Better Minecraft mod by Lunapixel Studios.

The OTV & Friends Modpack boasts multiple core features that are possible with the help of an army of individual mods.

Here are the features that you’ll get out of using this Modpack on your server.

  • Caves & Cliffs 1.17 Update
  • Over 100+ new biomes
  • New End Game Storyline and Quests for The Abyss only
  • New Biomes, Ores, and more
  • New Illagers, Dungeons & Structures
  • Antique Atlas Book
  • A range of Dragon-types that can be hatched from Dragon eggs
  • Quality of Life mods to help out on your adventure
  • Proximity voice chat and Twitch chat features
  • Plenty of assorted mods to bring even more content to the world of Minecraft

You can check out a list of each individual mod as well as download the pack for yourself at Curseforge here.

With this Modpack installed you’ll have plenty of new content to explore and complete in the world of Minecraft that isn’t possible without the assistance of mods. 

The server should be the closest thing to experiencing the action of the OTV & Friends Minecraft server for fans, but it is worth noting that this Modpack likely won’t be updated as new content is rolled out for the games and if you plan on keeping these features for a long while then it is worth considering the Better Minecraft Modpack instead.