Ubisoft and Parsec enter long-term technology partnership

The two companies recently worked together on last month's Ubisoft Forward press conference.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft and Parsec have entered into a long-term business partnership focused on integrating streaming in Ubisoft’s product, the companies announced today. The partnership will focus on building streaming initiatives for both player-facing and internal platforms. 

Parsec is a small technology startup that provides desktop capture and streaming applications designed to allow users to play games remotely through low-latency streaming. In some respects, Parsec’s technology shares similar goals as Google Stadia and other online streaming platforms, promising that you can play games from any internet connected device with very little input lag.

“We fine-tune Parsec’s technology to provide as close to a perfect game streaming experience as possible,” Chris Dickson, Parsec co-founder and CTO explained in a press release. “Ubisoft is the creative force behind some of the most innovative, technically groundbreaking experiences in games, and we cannot wait to see what their team achieves with our platform.”

Ubisoft has expanded their live streaming needs in recent months. Not only has COVID-19 moved a significant amount of their work and live events online, Ubisoft has also implemented stream specific technology into their battle royale title Hyper Scape. The technology allows viewers on a Twitch stream to vote on events that impact live games. With their new partnership with Parsec, Ubisoft will be able to further expand the integration of streaming technology into their products.

“We are delighted to complete this deal with Parsec,” Stéphanie Perotti, Ubisoft VP of Online Services, said. “The streaming technology they have developed provides the players a new way to discover video games while providing an optimal quality of experience. With this deal, we are strengthening our streaming capabilities for our internal and player facing platforms.”

Ubisoft worked with Parsec internally in July to set up their reinvented online press conference “Ubisoft Forward.” During that event, Parsec also helped Ubisoft create and run a remote play test for journalists, partners, players, and more. Their initial remote play tests included Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion. Using Parsec’s streaming technology, Ubisoft conducted live tests, had players access the game, and recorded the footage of them playing, all without the tester having to download the game.

“This new partnership will allow Ubisoft to create more experiences like [Ubisoft Forward], embedding Parsec into their own products to deliver full fidelity experiences back to people wherever they are or however they’re playing,” Parsec stated in their announcement post. “Parsec’s poised to help advance and compliment Ubisoft’s efforts in game streaming, across titles, brands, and products.”