Twitch suspends new accounts from streaming after Artifact category spammed with disturbing content

"We have temporarily suspended the ability for new creators to stream."

Image via Twitch

Twitch Support tweeted on Tuesday that new accounts have been temporarily suspended from streaming after the Artifact category began featuring numerous Terms of Service (TOS) violations.

“Over the weekend we became aware of a number of accounts targeting the “Artifact” game directory to share content that grossly violates our terms of service,” the tweet read.

A follow-up tweet said Twitch was working to remove the content and “suspend all accounts engaged in this behavior.” And to combat some of the issues as its team works on a solution, Twitch temporarily suspended the ability to stream for new users.

Last week, Dot Esports reported on the resurgence of viewership in Artifact‘s category on Twitch, thanks almost entirely to memes and trolls. It seems the tongue-in-cheek fun was ruined when some began streaming content that reportedly included child pornography, terrorist beheadings, and footage of a recent mass shooting.

Twitch’s statement claimed that, “the majority of accounts that shared and viewed the content were automated,” meaning the channels and audience were programmed bots. Twitch also concluded that most accounts streaming the disturbing content were newly-created channels, explaining the pause of streaming capabilities for new accounts.

The Artifact category is still populated with meme streams, mostly of people playing other games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Twitch Support said it will release another statement regarding streaming abilities for new accounts as soon as possible.