TimTheTatman makes waves with first stream on YouTube Gaming

His fans will watch no matter where he goes.

Screengrab via YouTube.com/TimTheTatman

Some might think of TimTheTatman’s move to YouTube Gaming, from Twitch, as a sort of “retirement plan.” But the hefty, tatted-up streamer showed yesterday that where he goes, his fans will follow.

In just his first stream on his new platform yesterday, Tim quickly hit numerous notable benchmarks for viewership and “members” on YouTube Gaming, proving that he’s still a game streaming giant—metaphorically (he’ll have you know he’s been losing weight).

After being live on the platform for about an hour and a half, Tim eclipsed 100,000 viewers for the first time on YouTube Gaming. He peaked at around 118,000 viewers.

Overall, his seven-hour stream averaged about 88,000 viewers on YouTube Gaming with a total of 636,000 hours watched, according to data acquired by Stream Hatchet.

Image via Stream Hatchet

Meanwhile, he quickly racked up paid subscribers, which YouTube Gaming calls “members,” as well. In the first hour of his stream, Tim hit 10,000 members.

The figure, while impressive, is made more notable when you consider the distinct differences between his current and former platform. Unlike Twitch, YouTube doesn’t allow viewers to gift that status to other viewers. On Twitch, top content creators like Tim regularly have viewers who gift large numbers of subscriptions to other fans.

Tim left Twitch with more than 28,000 active subscribers, according to TwitchTracker, and 5,129 of those were gifted subs. 

As of this morning, Tim said during his stream that he had 15,350 active members on YouTube Gaming. He added that he ended his stream with around 14,000 yesterday.

In the past year, Tim recorded more than 60 million hours watched on Twitch, according to stat tracker SullyGnome. He averaged 34,634 viewers with 1,754 hours streamed in that time span.

Prior to announcing his move to YouTube, Tim had 3.78 million subscribers (YouTube’s equivalent of a Twitch “follower”). He has since gained more than 100,000 subs, bumping him up to more than 3.94 million.

The VOD of his first stream on YouTube has nearly two million views less than 24 hours after being posted. It was the No. 1 trending video for gaming on YouTube for most of the day yesterday and it’s currently the second-ranked trending video in the category.