TheGrefg banned on Twitch

The superstar sees his second ban.

Screengrab via Twitch/TheGrefg

Popular Spanish streamer TheGrefg has been banned off of Twitch for the second time, though the reason behind the content creator’s sudden suspension is unknown.

The streaming goliath is one of the internet’s most viewed broadcasters with more than 9 million followers on Twitch. TheGrefg also holds Twitch’s highest concurrent viewership record, hitting over 2.5 viewers in January 2021. Despite his immense popularity, this is the second time his channel has been suspended from the platform.

TheGrefg’s first ban occurred on July 3, 2020, after he briefly showed an inappropriate video on stream. The ban was only a one-day suspension. But now that TheGrefg has incurred a second ban, his suspension will likely be longer this time around. While the reason for his ban is still up to speculation, viewers have been quick to spin some theories.

The foremost theory comes from the fact that he recently showed Brunegnger, a banned streamer, on his personal broadcast. Since Twitch does not allow streamers to feature banned content creators, this could potentially cause a ban. Another theory is that TheGrefg accidentally showed a picture of his own butt on Twitter while on stream. A third theory points to his ongoing rivalry with Willyrex, implying that this ban could be a convoluted prank in their feud.

TheGrefg has yet to respond to the situation, not giving the official confirmation for his ban or any indication of how long his suspension will last. While the streamer is unlikely to remain off the platform for very long, fans can expect this suspension to last significantly longer than one day.