Snoop Dogg rage quits 15 minutes into Madden stream, remains live for 7 more hours

Taking rage quitting to a new level.

Screengrab via EA Sports

Rage quitting has been around as long as gaming has, and during a recent game of Madden NFL 21, American rapper Snoop Dogg did just that.

Early into the game, things looked to be going against the Dogg.

After 10 minutes his team was down over 14 points and after a further touchdown, the rapper had seen enough. After an outburst of anger, Snoop turned off his Xbox and left the room while leaving the stream to remain live.

This continued for over seven hours as viewers watched nothing more than a chair and a blank screen. Eventually, after this time someone wandered into the room and ended the broadcast.

Snoop Dogg often streams Madden from his impressive gaming compound that can be seen in the backdrop of his stream.

This is not the first time the rapper has rage quit during a stream. In January, Snoop immediately ended his stream just 26 minutes in after an opponent staged an impressive comeback during a game. That time, however, the rapper remembered to end his broadcast.