Shroud says he isn’t having fun with Borderlands 3 so far

The game has been plagued by performance issues on all three platforms.

Shroud on BR esports
Screengrab via Shroud

Gearbox Software’s release of Borderlands 3 has been highly anticipated by many fans for years, but popular streamer and former CS:GO pro Michael “shroud” Grzesiek said he wasn’t enjoying his playthrough of the game during a recent stream.

Shroud was playing a co-op runthrough of the game alongside Hannah “Bnans” Kennedy when someone in his chat asked if he was enjoying the game so far. His reaction was less than enthusiastic, saying that he wasn’t really having a good time but was “trying to give [the game] an extra shot.”

Afterward, both Bnans and Shroud expressed their feelings on the new Borderlands—Bnans even said that if Shroud wanted to switch games, she “wouldn’t be upset.” They also agreed that the game wasn’t that fun, even though they were still going to play more of it for their respective streams.

The biggest complaint that Shroud had with the new Borderlands was with the performance issues he and so many other people have encountered since the game’s launch.

“I would say the only real problem with this game is how shitty it runs,” Shroud said, while also mentioning that he was already playing the game on low settings, but could barely hit 120 fps.

Shroud ended up playing the game for a couple more hours after making his statements, but his fans would probably understand if he decided to stream the game a little less moving forward.