OTK raises nearly $600,000 for charity during 2-day campaign

The money will be donated to Games For Love.

One of Twitch’s most popular organizations, OTK, raised over $590,000 for children in need during a two-day campaign.

Beginning yesterday and finishing up earlier today, the charity campaign began with a stream on co-founder Asmongold’s channel, where $382,413 was raised. Mizkif then closed out the event with a charity auction on his channel.

The full total of donations raised was $593,596, which will be donated to the Games For Love charity, an organization that works to assist children who are suffering and help to create sustainable futures for them.

The organization had plenty of incentives to get people donating. During the initial stream Asmongold was forced to delete his boosted Paladin character from his World of Warcraft account after reaching the $250,000 milestone.

On the final day, the auction boasted plenty of items that viewers could bid on, including OTK posters, graded Pokemon cards, and other stream merchandise.

Despite only being founded late last year, OTK have been very active with using its platform to give back to charity. In March, OTK held a similar two-day campaign, where it raised over $600,000. And before that, in November 2020, the group auctioned off vintage Pokemon cards, raising $250,000 in a single stream.