OTK raises over $600,000 for charity during 2-day campaign

The money will go towards bringing games to children in hospice.

Gaming organization One True King recently held a charity stream partnered with Gamers For Love—and it was an overwhelming success.

Shortly after the stream ended yesterday, one of the organization’s creators, popular streamer Asmongold, shared the final total raised over the two-day campaign. It raised over $600,000, which will be donated to the charity working towards bringing games to children in hospice.

The charity stream began on March 21, with Asmongold holding a fundraiser stream on his channel, and concluded with a Pokémon card unboxing stream on Mizkif’s the following day.

During this stream, the group of streamers opened four different boxes of Pokémon cards, with three being vintage.

Throughout these boxes, the group scored some impressive cards for the chat to take home. All the packs opened during the stream were to be given out to viewers who donated during the stream. Tech products such as a PlayStation 5, an Nvidia GTX 3090, and more were also up for grabs.

The team reached their goal of $400,000 during the first day of the charity stream before raising another $200,000 the next. Each milestone saw the streamers take on a variety of tasks they would have to complete for their chat, including an Easter egg hunt stream and taking Asmongold to Wendy’s.

This is not the first time OTK has banded together to raise money for the Gamers for Love Organization. In November of 2020 the group opened a vintage Fossil Pokémon card box in a similar fashion and raised over $250,000 for the charity.