One True King to open 1st Edition Fossil, Jungle, and Team Rocket Pokémon boxes for charity on March 22

Don't look at the pricetag, just support the kids.

Screengrab via One True King

One True King, the creator-run organization founded by popular streamers Asmongold, Rich Cambell, Mizkif, Esfand, and TipsOut is hosting another Pokémon TCG unboxing charity stream on March 22. 

The stream will once again benefit Games For Love, a charity dedicated to easing suffering, saving lives, and creating sustainable futures for children.

OTK will be opening 1st Edition retro boxes of three of the five original Pokémon TCG sets—a Fossil, Jungle, and Team Rocket. They will also open an Evolutions box, which reprints a lot of older cards from those retro boosters.

All three sets can be valued at anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000 from auction to auction, and might even go for more depending on who is bidding on them. A sealed box of Evolutions is typically valued at over $1,000 easily.

Every pack opened on stream will be given away to viewers who are watching live, with more details about ways to enter the giveaway and potentially boost your chances at winning a pack coming when the stream goes live. 

OTK has partnerned with Games For Love in the past, helping raise $276,103 dollars for the charity last November while opening a sealed Fossil box and doing their usual shenanigans. The stream will once again be sponsored by car insurance comparing platform Compare, with Mountian Dew also joining in this time as OTK is partnered with Game Fuel.

The stream will go live on Mizkif’s Twitch channel at 12pm CT on March 22.