NICKMERCS promotes “Got Milk?” while playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater—with Tony Hawk

Maximum combo points.

Screengrab via NICKMERCS

NickMercs endorsed the Got Milk? campaign today while playing the newly released Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, but there was a slight twist to his stream—he was playing with Tony Hawk.

Talking over Discord with a video camera stream, Nick played numerous game modes with the skateboarding legend and showed off everything that the Tony Hawk Pro Skater re-release has to offer.

The game that released today has all of the classic elements of the skateboard simulator game, but it has been completely revamped for a more modern base of video game consumers.

While the stream was sponsored by Got Milk?, drinking milk wasn’t necessarily the focus.

Nick spent much of his time with Hawk trying to be the master at his own game and failing. There were some aspects of the stream that clearly incorporated milk to build up the sponsored portion of the session, however.

Instead of playing a game of skateboarding H-O-R-S-E, the two played a game of M-I-L-K, and in a pro endorsement move, Nick took the challenge to the next level.

When it was his turn to pick the trick that each gamer had to attempt, he picked up a glass of milk and played the game with one hand while trying to chug a glass of milk. The in-game result wasn’t particularly spectacular, but the entertainment factor and brand activation certainly paid off.

Overall, the Tony Hawk portion of Nick’s stream lasted just under three hours, and Hawk was there for about two of those hours. For the session, Mercs averaged more than 36,000 hours watched.

It’s not uncommon for a non-endemic brand to sponsor a game stream. In recent months toilet paper brand Charmin has sponsored a TimTheTatman stream, and movies like New Mutants and The King of Staten Island have sponsored Shroud and Tim, respectively.

This session stands out because it not only included the most legendary skateboarder of all time in Tony Hawk, but it also came on the day his new game launched. The double whammy gave the sponsored stream an endemic feel because of all the gaming-related elements involved.