Ludwig receives fake copyright infringement notice from verified Twitter “support” account

It isn't clear how the account was verified.

Image via Twitter

With platforms beginning to crackdown on copyright infringement more thoroughly than ever before, some users are handing out fake copyright notices.

Ludwig tweeted his Twitter account would be suspended due to “copyright infringement,” leaving his followers with a comical image as his last post. Shortly thereafter, however, the streamer shared some more information on the situation, including the original message, which was a scam.

The message had come from a verified Twitter account with a Twitter name impersonating the Twitter Support team, but the account’s handle was @2chibamino3 and the account had since been locked.

The account messaged Ludwig, claiming he had breached copyright infringement and requested that he follow a link to complete a feedback form within 24 hours or his Twitter account would face suspension.

Most recently, Ludwig called upon Twitter to investigate the scam. Twitter has been working on a new verification process over the past few years to rid the platform of accounts such as this. As it stands, it is not clear how this account was able to gain verification. At the end of January, Twitter claimed to have removed verification from accounts that no longer qualified for the program, or that remained inactive.

Traditionally, Twitter accounts with protected tweets are ineligible to gain verification, raising questions on how this account passed the process. Twitter plans to roll out verification applications later this year, but it has not shared a date for when this process will occur.