iDubbbz’s Creator Clash to feature boxing cards with Doctor Mike, Michael Reeves, JustaMinx, and more

The lineup is set.

YouTuber iDubbbz has released the cards for his boxing event dubbed Creator Clash, featuring a plethora of content creators across various platforms. The event is set to take place in Tampa, Florida on May 14.

Initially announced on Jan. 2, Creator Clash will be a charity event featuring an assortment of 22 other influencers fighting. After months of rumors regarding who could fill out the card, as multiple potential boxers fell through, iDubbbz has partially revealed his event’s roster.

In the main event, iDubbbz is set to take on Doctor Mike, a medical YouTube influencer and boxer of 10 years. A seasoned boxer in his own right, Doctor Mike was inspired to return to the sport several months ago and has since been spotted training with several Golden Gloves winners.

There will be several undercard matches leading up to the event’s headline. Harley from Epic Meal Time is set to square off against Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson, a longtime member of Game Grumps. Former Machinima and Cow Chop star Hundar will face the H3 Podcast’s AB.

Rising Twitch star and NRG streamer JustaMinx will fight TikToker Yodeling Haley. Below this card, Super Mega’s Ryan Magee has been selected against former Vlog Squad member Alex Ernst. Unique YouTube content creators Matt Watson and Dad will duke it out in their own match.

YouTube animator TheOdd1sOut will be matched against I Did A Thing. The final confirmed match of the night will be OTV member and robotics expert Michael Reeves facing off against financial content creator Graham Stephan.

There are still three matches with unconfirmed contestants, though some fans have speculated into who could fill the remaining matches out. Esfand, Chills, Anything4Views, and Alex Wassabi are rumored to also join the event.

Though several months away, the confirmed contestants have expressed their enthusiasm for the event and posted their already extensive training for their respective matches. While we may have to wait some time before the start of the Creator Clash, we can likely expect further content to release on iDubbbz’s channel. Tickets are currently available for purchase on the Creator Clash website.