How much money does Sodapoppin make on Twitch?

He swears he makes more though.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin

The popularity of Sodapoppin is a bit of an enigma.

Known for regularly picking on his viewers and making crude remarks, the overly sarcastic content creator is among the more highly-watched streamers on Twitch despite not doing basic self-promotion like posting his stream schedule to Twitter.

It’s almost as though by breaking all of the established rules for success, he’s able to carve out his own niche through his personality that leaves viewers confused about whether he’s being shamelessly blunt or sarcastic.

So when Twitch payouts were leaked earlier this month, it made sense that Sodapoppin was among the top 50 highest-paid streamers between August 2019 and October 2021.

And at the same time, it also made sense that Soda immediately tweeted to jokingly tell everyone that he makes “WAY more” than what the leaks suggested.

Over that 26-month period, Twitch paid Soda $1,461,302 for subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue on his channel, according to the leak. That number does not include direct donations, sponsorship deals, or any exclusivity deal Soda might have with Twitch.

Image via KnowSomething

In terms of payouts exposed in the leak, Soda was the 43rd highest-paid streamer over that time frame. But over this timespan, Sodapoppin took a few long breaks from streaming on his main channel following the release World of Warcraft Classic in August 2019. He took off the second half of September, a week in October, the second half of November, and practically all of December in 2019. After that, he also didn’t stream for the first half of January 2020.

Many streamers take breaks here and there, but given the amount of time Soda took off and how close his payout figure is relative to other highly-rated streamers, his time off clearly made a difference in where he was ranked in terms of payouts.

Sodapoppin regularly runs ad breaks on his channel, as he is required to do by Twitch, and has 7,933 subscribers on the platform at time of writing, according to Twitch Tracker. His all-time high for active subs is 22,488.

In the past year, Soda averaged 21,088 viewers, according to SullyGnome. That average helped him record more than 54 million hours watched, making him among the top 25 most-watched streamers on the platform in the past 365 days.