New Hype Train feature on Twitch confuses Sodapoppin during his first stream back

He had no clue what was going on.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin

Sodapoppin may have only been gone for a month, but his hiatus from Twitch was long enough that he missed out on getting informed about the platform’s new Hype Train feature.

While going through a collection of games as he decided what to play on stream today, Soda’s chat began rolling through Hype Train levels by donating bits and subbing to him without him even being aware of what was happening.

“What is this level five, level 10?” he said. “What are y’all talking about? What the fuck’s going on? What the fuck’s a Hype Train?”

As his over 36,000 viewers continued donating and subbing, they pushed the Hype Train to level five before he even acknowledged the audience, admitting that he thought they were talking about something related to the video game trailer he was watching.

After finally realizing that the Hype Train was a feature set up by Twitch as a way to encourage communities to support, he looked up exactly what it was before dismissing it as being dumb in classic Sodapoppin fashion. 

“Is this a new Twitch thing? I didn’t know about this one,” he said. “Wait people are actually giving bits because of this? It’s actually working. You guys are idiots.”

At time of writing, Sodapoppin’s Hype Train maxed out at level five, the final level, and his community has pushed the level to 170 percent of its 45 tier-one sub (or 22,300 bit) requirement for completion.