Hackers invade Reckful’s YouTube channel to run a scam

Do not click any links from Reckful's channel at the moment.

Screengrab via Reckful on Twitch

The YouTube channel of Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, a former World of Warcraft content creator, has been taken over by hackers, according to one of the people responsible for keeping the channel alive.

Reckful died at the age of 31 in July 2020, but both his Twitch and YouTube channel have remained alive as a way to preserve his legacy. But today, one of his YouTube editors was alerted to a scam that has been going on lately. “One of the editors here, Reckful’s youtube got hacked, I’m working on restoring it, don’t click any links,” they wrote in the channel description. Reckful’s Twitch channel remains untouched.

Screengrab via Reckful

The hackers seemingly invaded Reckful’s YouTube channel to run fake Bitcoin scam streams, but none of those new videos could be found at the moment, likely because the editor who alerted the fans deleted the content. The last video listed on the channel is from May 2020 and shows Reckful playing Everland, a game he created.

This isn’t the only hacking incident involving inactive streaming channels lately. The Twitch and YouTube channels of former streamer and OfflineTV member Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan were also hacked, according to Dexerto. Both channels are currently offline, which indicates that they may have been taken down due to promoting illegal content. Fedmyster has not said anything about the situation on social media.