GTA RP cops are receiving hate and toxicity on Twitch

One of the most famous cops in the game cut his stream short due to his chat.

Image via Rockstar Games

Cops in GTA V Roleplay are as important as cops in real life. They’re characters who investigate crimes, chase the bad guys, and put them in jail if needed. As with other GTA RP characters, they’re controlled by Twitch streamers, and their role is mostly to ruin the evil plans of other big streamers who play as criminals—of course, all within the context of the GTA RP reality.

But these cops have been receiving a lot of rebuke from Twitch chat just for playing their role and acting against famous Twitch streamers who are criminals. The toxicity has been growing so much that streamer ConfusedDevil, who roleplays the cop Tribble, closed out his livestream suddenly due to the toxicity of his chat. “I had a really, really bad day,” ConfusedDevil said while impounding his police car. “I’m not going to sit around here and worry this much about a fucking game. I’m not going to chase them, they can rob everything they want. I’m done.”

A few moments before that, ConfusedDevil was getting annoyed because a few players were giving him information he wasn’t supposed to know about a crime he was investigating. In GTA RP, players are forbidden from getting and using information about the game’s world that isn’t from a game situation from their character’s point of view—and they can be punished for metagaming if they take advantage of that. The streamer got tired of his chat and preferred to end his stream instead of using that information.

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GTA RP fans commented on a Reddit thread that “cops are getting way too much hate lately, and poor Tribble was getting slammed the other night, he really doesn’t deserve the negativity.” Another fan reminded others that some streamers can’t go into sub mode to avoid this behavior if they’re trying to grow their channel. “People were going out of their way to post on his Twitter about the metagaming when he had nothing to do with it,” a Reddit user said. “They even went on his Instagram to throw salt.”

Some GTA RP servers require players to be streaming while they play, so this kind of behavior by spectators might be an issue that roleplayers have yet to learn how to overcome. The game has been growing and is one of the most-watched titles on the platform, which will now force streamers to find a way to avoid these situations without hindering the growth they could have tied to the game’s popularity.