Falls Guys tops Twitch upon official game release

It has begun.

Image via Twitch

The whimsical obstacle racing game Fall Guys officially released this morning. And with a boom of viewership on Twitch, the game had more viewers than any other for a period of time in the early morning in the U.S. 

Sitting at 179,000 viewers at time of writing, Fall Guys was the second category on Twitch only to “Just Chatting.” The game had even more viewership earlier in the day when it opened up with a peak of 268,000 viewers, according to Twitch viewership tracking website SullyGnome.

The quick start for Fall Guys is a product of the game’s quasi soft opening over the weekend when developer Mediatonic made the game available for 48 hours as part of a last-minute beta test.

Despite only being available to play for a limited amount of time over the weekend, the game was still one of the top 10 most-watched forms of content on Twitch. Its top content creators included some of the platform’s most popular variety streamers, too. 

Lirik, xQc, Mizkif, and hanryang1125 were among those playing the game during its beta. Right now, French streamer Sardoche is sitting at the top of the Fall Guys directory with around 13,300 viewers.

While Fall Guys might not remain the top game all day, as other more known English-speaking content creators start to get online and play the game, it’ll likely see viewership boost above the 250,000 figure it’s already eclipsed. During the closed beta over the weekend, the game was just shy of that number, peaking at 243,704 viewers.