Disguised Toast overthinks in Among Us, gets swift punishment

Be careful what you wish for.

Screengrab via DisguisedToast

Even in a game that’s all about defeating impostors, an ugly case of impostor syndrome can strike any crewmate.

Just ask Disguised Toast, one of the best content creators for Among Us. Though he’s recognized as one of the best detectives among his Offline TV crew thanks to his numerous big brain plays, he had an uncharacteristic bout with doubt during a recent playing session.

Popular streamer Hafu joined Offline TV for some games of Among Us yesterday, where she was swiftly targeted by impostors for her skill at the game and suffered several early deaths.

Sykkuno also called her one of “the really good players [he’s] played with,” which seemed to be the final straw for Toast.

At the start of the next round, Toast immediately called for an emergency meeting, explaining what he felt was unfair treatment toward both Hafu and himself and why his feelings were hurt.

“Hafu has been killed first for the last few rounds,” Toast said. “You are insulting me now by not killing me first.”

Although the crew was “hurting his feelings,” they were kind enough to grant Toast his wish. He was swiftly voted out of the round even though he was a crewmate and was forced to watch as the crew managed to root out the impostors.