Blizzard premieres World of Warcraft animated series, Afterlives, at gamescom Opening Night Live

Enter the Bastion.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard debuted its latest World of Warcraft animated series today called Afterlives, which will take fans into the Shadowlands to learn more about the lore behind the MMO’s upcoming expansion.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic forcing Blizzard to implement work-from-home policies, the developer has stood firm on its stance that WoW’s newest expansion, Shadowlands, will come out this fall.

The debut of this animated series today during gamescom’s show Opening Night Live is one of many steps that suggest Blizzard is doing what’s necessary to adjust to the state of the world to get Shadowlands to its players on schedule.

Today’s animated series premiere started with a character dying. After death, he’s sent to “Bastion,” one of the realms of the Shadowlands. 

From there, the circumstances surrounding his death lead to some revelations that will shake up the entire dynamic surrounding the afterlife in the World of Warcraft universe.

Shadowlands is officially set to be released on Oct. 27.