Asmongold on OTK Schooled! cheaters: ‘It’s so annoying’

The OTK co-founder is not happy with the cheaters.

Screengrab via ZackRawrr on YouTube

After an eight-month wait, Mizkif’s Schooled! game show finally returned for its second season in February. But the issue of cheating that plagued its inaugural season has returned in full force for the second time. And in a stream today, while reacting to a clip of Mizkif addressing the drama, Asmongold shared his frustrations with the situation.

Schooled! is a game show created by popular streamer Mizkif that tests the knowledge of its contestants with school-related questions. The difficulty of questions slowly increases as the show progresses, and each player can only fail three times before they’re kicked off.

The streamers on the show are only allowed to use a digital whiteboard to work out the answers, meaning the use of Google or calculators is strictly forbidden. But these rules haven’t stopped streamers like Mia Malkova and TheNicolet from cheating during their time on the second season of Schooled!

In a stream yesterday, OTK co-founder Mizkif revealed that fellow streamer PeachJars was among the growing list of contestants who cheated on the show. And after viewing a clip of this, Asmongold couldn’t help but share his frustrations with people defying the rules on Schooled!

“I’m so fucking sick of these people coming on our show and cheating on our fucking show because their egos are so small that they can’t afford to lose a fucking math question because they don’t know anything from school,” Asmongold said. “It’s so annoying.”

Mizkif seems to agree, explaining that he believes the streamers cheating on his show do it because they don’t want viewers to think they’re “stupid.”