Art streamer gets controversial Twitch ban for lewd drawings

Fans accused Twitch of hypocrisy in its disciplinary process.

Image via Twitch

Art streamer Saruei has received a three-day ban from Twitch for allegedly violating the platform’s Terms of Service on sexual content, sparking controversy and claims of hypocrisy from viewers.

Saruei is a French Twitch partner who draws anime-inspired art that some viewers consider to be hentai or sexually-explicit illustrations. She mainly focuses on drawing female characters typically in bikinis or underwear.

During a drawing stream that she titled, “GIRL MAKING L3WD ART,” Saruei told her viewers that she received a cautionary message from Twitch staff in regards to a piece she made of a woman in a small bikini.

“They said I should stop drawing lewd stuff,” Saruei said.

She speculated about what element of the image could’ve triggered the warning email, suggesting that maybe it was because the outline of the illustrated woman’s genitals could be seen through the swimsuit.

“I hope it won’t happen again, because I asked them, ‘so, what is the problem? Is it the cameltoe, is it the pose, what is against Twitch ToS?’ I need to know to not go against it,” Saruei said.

Shortly after, Saruei recognized the double standard that was being implicated through this warning.

“There’s fucking girls squatting in front of their webcam, isn’t it suggestive enough?” Saruei said. “You have girls fucking, like, show their ass while writing on the white panel behind them.”
NSFW: Pettans isn’t the only female streamer who’s used the white board gimmick.

Saruei was referring to the trend of female streamers incentivizing subscriptions and donations in exchange for the viewer’s name to be written on a board behind them. But the board is placed somewhere that requires the streamer to bend over in a conspicuously-sexual manner.

“Why can’t I draw waifus like this, while there’s fucking Twitch thots that can do it?” Saruei said.

“Twitch thot” is a slang term used in the community to negatively reference female streamers considered to be routinely and intentionally violating Twitch Terms of Service through sexually suggestive and revealing clothing or activities, but are rarely, if ever, disciplined by staff.

The following day, Saruei read an email she received from Twitch in response to her requesting clarification on her alleged ToS violation. The email said that it’s the responsibility of partners to understand and adhere to all guidelines and rules, and because of that, Twitch staff doesn’t provide specifics when a streamer receives a ban.

The email added that some of Saurei’s drawings weren’t in compliance with Twitch’s ToS due to the poses depicted and that some of her stream titles were inappropriate.

“You are going to have a three days ban,” the email reads. “It should start in the coming hours.”

The controversy around Saruei’s punishment is merely the latest instance of Twitch users claiming that the platform’s staff doesn’t remain consistent and objective when issuing bans. Many argue that it makes it difficult for creators to stay within the boundaries of Twitch’s rules when the platform appears to be enforced differently based on the streamer in question.

Dot Esports has reached out to Twitch for comment.