Adin Ross breaks Kick record after fooling thousands with Kim Jong Un interview hoax

Is anyone really surprised?

Adin Ross sitting at streaming setup
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Adin Ross has been the face of Kick for a long time, for better or worse, and today his latest streaming stunt has very much cemented this status.

The star streamer today broke Kick’s highest viewership record with more than 330,000 users turning in to watch him interview North Korean leader Kim Jong Un—however, as you’d expect, this alleged interview was never going to happen.

Instead of actually speaking to the infamous dictator, Adin hired an impersonator to pretend to be him, and the second it was clear that the interview wasn’t what was being sold, the viewership quickly plummeted.

That said, we expect Adin will see this stunt as a win given the spotlight it put on his Kick channel. The viewership record was broken before the “interview” hoax even began and since it concluded the streaming star has been trending on social media.

Not only is 330,000 viewers a record for the infant streaming platform Kick, but it is also a record for Adin personally as he was never able to reach these heights on Twitch. During his years of streaming on Twitch, Adin’s highest peak viewership happened in 2022 when he drew in 266,000 people according to Twitchtracker.

While many streamers have made the leap from Twitch to Kick and seen viewership decline, Adin has been one of the special cases where things have increased, or at worst, maintained.

Of course, things haven’t all been positive for Adin since moving to Kick; he has been involved in his fair share of controversies both on stream and social media in the last 12 months, including several that have earned him streaming suspensions.

It remains to be seen how Adin will top this milestone and what hoax he could be thinking up for next.


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