Some Starfield quests are still blocked behind bugs months after launch

We need to hire an exterminator.

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Starfield players have officially run out of patience with Bethesda after finding over 10 quests they cannot complete due to bugs preventing NPCs from spawning, dialogue options not showing, and features being locked.

Space-faring adventure Starfield was among the most highly-anticipated games this year because it was a new world and had been cooking for over a decade before it landed. Expectations fell as it didn’t live up to the hype though, especially with how many issues and bugs rolled out at launch—and are still present two months after release.

Players who have remained diligent in playing Starfield because they did enjoy it are frustrated they cannot complete several quests because they’re locked by bugs, with most being highlighted in a discussion on the topic this week.

This is beyond annoying because your quest journal quickly becomes filled with quests you want to complete but can’t and there’s no way to differentiate between these bugged questlines and others you pick up. If you’re a completionist, these bugged Starfield quests can easily become the bane of your existence.

Many players ran around for days, wasting their time trying to find hidden areas or ways to unlock these quests, only to learn they were bugged after watching videos on YouTube or reading about them online.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix these bugs, as many are tied to NPCs not spawning, dialogue options not showing up, and unavailable features. Even worse, the big beta patch, which rolled out on Nov. 8, only addressed 10 bugged quests.

Those being fixed were nice, but it was just a handful of quests, with many more still being left locked by strange bugs not even the smartest Starfield modders have been able to beat.

While these bugged quests aren’t breaking the game, they are frustrating to those who want to complete all the quests and clear their Starfield quest logs.


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