How to redeem codes in Dead by Daylight

Get your freebies by redeeming the available codes every month.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Some video games allow gamers to have freebies by implementing their own redemption system. This could be used by players through the codes that have corresponding rewards when typed in. Of course, who will say no to free stuff?

And one of those games is Behaviour Interactive’s survival horror title Dead by Daylight. Every month, the players of the game tend to search available and working codes to punch into the redemption system. The rewards they can get range from Bloodpoints, Rift Fragments, charms, shards, weapons, cosmetics, and many more.

Dead by Daylight’s redemption system also works for all platforms the game is available on. So, whether you are playing on your PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or Android/iOS devices, there is a way to notch those bonus items and resources, as long as you have the right codes to redeem. Sweet, right?

All you need to do to redeem a code in the game is by launching Dead by Daylight on the platform you are using. Go to the Store option that you can find on your game’s home screen. You will find the Redeem Code option on the top right part of the menu. Click it afterward.

The type-in bar will pop up. Type or copy and paste the Dead By Daylight code you want to use and select “Redeem.” Just make sure that the code you used is not expired, and you should get your reward once done. Enjoy your freebies!