Reworked Tachanka won’t be available in R6 professional matches until 2021

Thank god.

Image via Ubisoft

Tachanka will be put in a competitive quarantine until the next season in 2021, according to a tweet from Stewart Ewen, who’s a part of the Rainbow Six Siege team at Ubisoft.

Right now, the various regions are finishing up their “Mini-Major” tournaments, with APAC slated to play this coming weekend. Tachanka was released to the live servers earlier today.

In Rainbow Six, new operators serve a three-month quarantine before they’re able to be selected in professional play. This is to keep new operators from completely warping how the game is played overnight. It also allows teams to prepare for the incoming meta changes and for Ubisoft to nerf or buff the new operators as it sees fit.

There’s no precedent for competitive quarantines for operator reworks.

Tachanka’s rework is controversial. There are a lot of professional coaches, players, and content creators who fear that he’s over-tuned. There seems to be no downside to taking him. For now, fans will have to settle for seeing what he can do in scrimmages before he appears on the official stream in a match.