PUBG season 5 features Miramar update, vending machines, and throwable items

Fans can try out the new changes on the PC test server now.

Image via PUBG Corp
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A new PUBG update has arrived on PC test servers, introducing a ton of content for season five, including changes to Miramar, vending machines, and throwable items.

Outside of the removal of visual clutter, Miramar’s update features a new area for fans to explore named the A La Muerte Vamos race track, which features ramps, loops, and other course structures. Similarly, players can now drive a Gold Mirado around the map—the vehicle can only be found in the parking garage in Hacienda del Patron.

Miramar’s item spawn balance has significantly improved to help players with the desert map’s open areas. The spawn rate of long-range items and weapons have all increased while pistol spawn rate has decreased by 31 percent. Likewise, armor spawn rates have increased slightly and the Win94 sniper rifle is now exclusive to Miramar.

Vending machines

The desert map is also getting a new type of item dispenser: vending machines. The machines randomly spawn in the Arenas, Casino, gas stations, motels, and commercial buildings. Players can loot the vending machines for painkillers and energy drinks. While the dispensers can be used to avoid enemy fire, they’re equipped with “cutting-edge anti-theft technology” and any damage to the machine may reveal a player’s location to nearby enemies.

Throwable items

Season five will add a new feature to the battle royale, allowing players to toss certain items to their teammates. When an ally requests consumable items like bandages or ammo, the player can throw the items to the teammate by pressing the interact button. Requested items will immediately be added to a player’s inventory. Thrown items have a range limit, however, so any item that’s thrown outside of the 15-meter maximum range will fall to the ground nearby the target.  

Players can now also chuck melee weapons at enemies. Melee weapons will be split into two different categories distinguished by maximum range and distance. Machetes, crowbars, and sickles have a maximum throwing range of 40 meters, and the damage each weapon will do decreases from 75 to 25 based on the distance the item is thrown. Pans, on the other hand, can be thrown 30 meters but the damage ranges from 90 to 40. Additionally, melee items now stack in a player’s inventory, allowing them to carry multiple melee weapons at once.

PUBG’s 5.1 Update is now live on the PC testing server, so fans of the battle royale can try out the season changes beginning today.