PUBG Patch 4.2 introduces dynamic weather patterns

“A storm is brewing on the battlegrounds.”

Image via Tencent

PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds fans woke up to a patch this morning⁠—and a little bit of hail.

In the season four update to the popular battle royale, Erangel received a weather update along with gameplay and quality of life improvements.

The biggest update in the patch is a new dynamic weather system that brings a variety of weather patterns to Erangel. “From fog, to thunderstorms, heavy rain, and wind, a wide variety of weather conditions are now rolling on to the map,” PUBG Corp said. “You can expect the weather patterns to be in effect for a few minutes.”

Roadblocks, pylons, and barricades are now destructible objects that break after taking too much damage. Although players can still use them for cover, they’ll need to seek refuge elsewhere after taking a few hits.

The patch also included some sound updates that improve the quality of life and gameplay. With a more in-depth “Sounds” option, players can better customize their listening experience.

Additionally, players can now turn off vehicle engines so that they don’t make noise when you park them. This will be especially helpful for players camping out with a sniper, who won’t be given away by their buggy’s engine rumbling.

For players seeking to cash in on all of season four’s rewards, there are still nine weeks left in the Survivor Pass, which ends on Oct. 15.