Here’s how to full heal in PUBG

Full health is key for chicken dinners.

Image via Bluehole, Inc.

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s all about being the last man standing. You’re going to need to be at full health to maximize your chances of surviving the battle, and there are numerous healing items in the game to help you do so.

With so many options for healing in the game, which should you use? What should you save? What should you combine with another item?

Here’s how to heal yourself to full health in PUBG.

Med Kit

The Med Kit is the ultimate healing tool in PUBG, and as such, are the rarest to find in the world. The Med Kit will automatically and instantly heal you to full health, with no need for any other item. If you find one of these, make sure to pick it up immediately.

Painkillers and Energy Drink

If you see a can or a pill bottle on the ground, make sure to stock up. Painkillers and Energy Drinks are vital when it comes to healing yourself to full, as they are needed to reach max health if you do not have a Med Kit.

Both of these items increase your Boost, which is basically health regeneration over time. The Boost bar is the meter right above your health bar. The higher your Boost meter, the faster and longer you will regenerate health.

Painkillers increase Boost by 60, and Energy Drinks increase boost by 40. Use these in combination (in the game, it’s kind of dangerous to do so in real life) and you should regenerate a great chunk of health.

First Aid Kit

Next up for healing are First Aid Kits, which will bring your health up to 75 out of 100. They cannot be used if your health is over 75, so First Aid Kits should be used when you are very low health.

First Aid Kits combined with Painkillers and Energy Drinks will get you to full health in no time.


These are the weakest of the bunch when it comes to healing in PUBG, but they can come in handy in specific situations. Namely, if you’re weak but your health is close enough to 75 that it’s not worth using a First Aid Kit, use Bandages instead. Bandages heal 10 health with each usage.

Adrenaline Syringe

Probably the rarest healing item in the game, these are found exclusively in Care Package drops and they instantly fill your Boost bar, giving you a boost of speed and health regeneration.