What does Allister look like without his mask on in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

Ghost boy's face reveal time.

For those of you with Pokémon Shield, around the time you visit the fourth Gym Challenge, you’ll be greeted by an exclusive gym leader named Allister.

The Ghost-type gym leader is always seen wearing a spooky-looking mask no matter where he goes, which has led a lot of fans to speculate about what he might look like under the hood.

But there’s actually a way to find out what he looks like under the mask in-game once you get to a certain point.

Honestly, Allister looks a little younger then we were expected, almost like a young boy or schoolboy trainer that you’d see in the Routes or Wild Area.

You unlock this exclusive trainer card through the postgame story when trying to capture Zamazenta. Anyone with Pokémon Sword, however, can’t unlock this card since they never fight Allister.