Pokémon Sword and Shield Twitch channel lets you make hacked Pokémon

You shouldn't use them in official tournaments though.

Image via Nintendo

It isn’t hard to hack Pokémon into Sword and Shield, but now there are automated programs that you can use through Twitch and Discord that will make those Pokémon for you. 

Channels like OaksLab are allowing players to make their Pokémon online before pasting the full team loadout into the stream a specific command. That command will be picked up by the automated bot, genned, and traded to the player as long as they follow instructions. 

This is becoming a popular way to quickly create competitively trained Pokémon to use in battles. Specifically, this is a great alternative for players who want to get into Wi-Fi battling but don’t have time for all of the training.

YouTubers and Streamers that focus on Pokémon content, like Duncan “DuncanCantDie” MacLeod, have been using these bots in Discord servers for a while now, allowing people who join to gen Pokémon through the automated process. Duncan and thecommondude, a well-known coder who has created other useful genning tools for the community, are behind OaksLab and the AutoBrock bot, which has been pushed live in a sort of beta test for the process. 

The bot works in a very simple way, utilizing multiple Nintendo Switch units with Sword or Shield open on the system. Each user will first make their Pokémon using Pokémon Showdown and then exporting the desired loadout as text, which is an option readily available on the battle simulator. 

After copying the desired set as text, the user will then follow these steps to properly input their Pokémon into the AutoBrock system. 

  • Type $trade followed by a space, paste the Showdown set in Twitch chat and send the message
  • Immediately afterward, type /w @AutoBrock and then a 4 digit trade code (make it hard to guess) to set the trade code you will use with the bot
  • Wait for AutoBrock to say it’s ready to trade with you in Twitch Chat and then search for a trade using the code you selected in Sword and Shield

Obviously the process isn’t perfect and many players will wait more than three hours to get one genned Pokémon because of the long queues. And by using Showdown as the creation medium, players won’t be able to create Hacked Pokémon because Showdown and AutoBrock don’t accept them. 

Duncan has made it clear he doesn’t want players using Pokémon genned through this process in VGC tournaments. He shared the Original Trainer names being used for the bot accounts that are trading Pokémon to people so that Tournament Organizers and officials can make sure players are using legally bred mons. 


Hopefully the developers behind this program can continue to create even cooler projects as OaksLab continues to grow and more people use the program.