Pokémon fan crafts incredibly detailed Vaporeon doll

The process went swimmingly.

Image via PokeBeach

One Pokémon fan artist created an incredibly detailed and lifelike Vaporeon posable art doll from scratch.

Artist umbratundra shared a sped-up video of the process, which took 30 hours, on TikTok and Reddit. They began by creating an adjustable wireframe in the shape of Vaporeon’s body and drawing a pattern on faux fur. They used a mold to create the shape of Vaporeon’s skull and shaved it down to size before attaching a pair of eyes and fastening it to the wireframe.

Umbratundra then cut the fur and attached it to the wireframe in chunks, taking care to shave down parts that were too long and sew all the pieces together to make one cohesive shape. Because of Vaporeon’s various folds and tufts, making the fur look realistic required several radial pieces that folded around the wireframe. To add the final touches, umbratundra attached pins to the ears to hold them in place, attached a nose, and added some color around the edges of the eyes. The whole process is mesmerizing to watch on video, especially the dramatic final reveal that runs from tail to head.

Speaking about the 30-hour creation in the comments, umbratundra said “it always looks terrible until the end lol. Gotta trust the process, it’s like a fun surprise.” Viewers enjoyed watching the process, with many noting that they liked umbratundra’s more realistic vision of Vaporeon and praising them for their dedication and craft. While Vaporeon was a specific commission, you can buy more of their fuzzy creations on their website.