Washington Justice drops Fahzix

The team wished the support player luck on his future endeavors.

Photo by Robert Paul via Blizzard Entertainment

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In the middle of a successful stage four in the Overwatch League, the Washington Justice said goodbye to one of its founding players today. The team announced that Riley “Fahzix” Taylor will no longer be on the roster.

Fahzix was one of the first players picked up by the Justice in December 2018 for his support play on former teams NRG Esports and EnVision Esports. After Washington struggled in the first few stages of the season, the team acquired Hong “ArK” Yeon-jun from the New York Excelsior. As a veteran player and shotcaller, ArK was played over Fahzix in order to bolster the team.

This isn’t a wildly surprising update for most Washington Justice fans, though, because Fahzix hasn’t played a game for the team since March. In addition, Fahzix traveled back home to Pennsylvania in April to focus on streaming. He attended several events for the Justice in the Washington, D.C. area while on the East Coast.

The Washington Justice struggled during the first three stages of the Overwatch League season, but thanks to stage four’s role lock, they’ve finally found their footing. They’re ranked first in the stage standings, having won all five of their games in stage four. Although they’re already eliminated from season playoff contention, at this point, they’re playing for glory.

The Washington Justice will face the Atlanta Reign on Aug. 16 at 6pm CT.