Sinatraa’s Overwatch League MVP skin revealed

The otherworldly Zarya skin is available in Overwatch until June 30.

Screengrab via Overwatch League

Get ready to spam some green heads in the chat: Alien Zarya has arrived.

The Overwatch League has finally revealed 2019 season MVP Jay “Sinatraa” Won’s commemorative skin, which will be available in Overwatch until June 30.

Even though Sinatraa retired from professional Overwatch to pursue a career in VALORANT this year, his contributions as a part of the San Francisco Shock in 2019 have still been immortalized in this new skin. Sinatraa excelled in both the damage and off-tank roles, helping the Shock take the 2019 Overwatch League championship. But his most flashy plays involved Zarya and her powerful kit.

Alien Zarya pays extraterrestrial homage to Sinatraa’s fan community, which often spammed alien emotes for him in chats across Twitch and YouTube. He adopted it as a motif, which is represented in this skin. Zarya dons a 1950s-style suit in honor of the player’s username, based off of famous crooner Frank Sinatra.

In an interview with the Overwatch League, senior concept artist David Kang said “the main focus here was to make [Zarya] look as cool as possible and not as generic as other people would think.” Kang and his team worked to add details to the skin to represent Sinatraa, from glowing energy nodes to an MVP patch that matches the former player’s jersey.

The skin will be available until June 30 and can be purchased for 200 Overwatch League tokens. Tokens can be earned by watching Overwatch League games on the league’s site or mobile app, but can also be purchased within the game.