Overwatch’s role queue is now live

Try out the new matchmaking system during the Role Queue Beta Season.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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Overwatch’s long-awaited role queue is finally here. Fans of the game can now hop into a competitive match to try out the new matchmaking system with the start of the Role Queue Beta Season today.

Role queue allows players to choose one or more roles they would like to play before entering a game. The matchmaking system then evenly distributes players across their preferred roles, with each team featuring exactly two tanks, two supports, and two damage heroes.

To celebrate the new matchmaking system, Blizzard is kicking off the Role Queue Beta Season. Players will be able to earn competitive points from participating during the two-week mini-season, but permanent competitive standings won’t see any changes until season 18, which begins on Sept. 1.

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Before joining a competitive match, players are given the option to choose their preferred role. Each of the three roles displays its own queue time and requires players to complete five placement matches before earning a positional rank.

The Overwatch League implemented its own 2-2-2 lock earlier in the year with the start of stage four. The change has caused a series of upsets with many lower-tiered teams surging to the top of the stage’s standings.