Sigma is now available on the live Overwatch servers

A new tank joins the game.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

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Blizzard has just released a new Overwatch update to the game’s live servers. The tank hero Sigma is now available for all players in casual matches.

Sigma is described as “an eccentric astrophysicist and volatile tank.” His powers come from his ability to control gravity and from devices he developed while working as a scientist, and all of his abilities are themed around that.

His defensive abilities consist of absorbing enemy projectiles to convert them into a personal shield with Kinetic Grasp and deploying a small barrier that blocks any projectile with Experimental Barrier. But Sigma seems to be even better as a disruptor due to his Accretion, which throws a mass of debris on enemies to knock them back. His ultimate, Gravitic Flux, launches enemies into the air and slams them down shortly after.

Due to his abilities, Sigma will likely work better as a secondary tank rather than a main tank like Reinhardt or Orisa.

The update that brought Sigma is the same one that was on the Public Test Realm for three weeks. That’s how some players have already experimented with him and discovered he can lift opponents off of control points with his ultimate, which is really useful for finishing off an attack on payload maps. He can also pull off unusual plays by levitating under structures with his ultimate where other heroes can’t go.

But an Overwatch designer already gave us a few tips on how to counter Sigma. Since he can protect himself and his team so efficiently with barriers and shields, the best way is to pressure him with close-quarters combat from Doomfist or Reaper. He can’t run away from that.

If you want to test Sigma today, all you need to do is hop into a causal Overwatch match. Sigma will be available in competitive modes on Sept. 1.