Overwatch player uses Sigma ultimate to pull off crazy flank in teamfight

The newest hero can pull off some pretty great plays.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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It has only been two days since Blizzard Entertainment released its newest hero, Sigma, to the game’s public testing realm and yet players are already finding new and exciting ways to use his abilities in teamfights. One player found a way to flank the opposing team with a creative use of the hero’s ultimate ability.

Sigma’s ultimate, Gravitic Flux, allows a player to take flight temporarily, while also launching enemies into the sky in a targeted area. After a brief moment, Sigma slams his foes into the ground, dealing a good amount of damage.

Niko “ChroNoDotA” Raisanen, a main tank for the Sydney Drop Bears, was able to take advantage of Sigma’s temporary flight on King’s Row, where his team was stuck defending the final escort point of the map. By using Sigma’s flight, he was able to float underneath part of the map and appear behind the enemy team. His ultimate was able to catch three players and led to a successful hold of the payload.

Multiple teammates praised his play and for good reason—Sigma is a new hero and many people still aren’t sure what the optimal way to play him is. ChroNoDotA showed that although Sigma might be a tank, his capability to reposition himself with his ultimate can catch enemies off-guard at any moment.

Sigma is a pretty useful hero due to his ability to displace very slow-moving, stationary team compositions. By launching people in the air, Sigma can expose the opposing team’s squishier members for a counter-attack. By utilizing all of Sigma’s abilities to the fullest, Sigma could be a deadly combination in today’s 2-2-2 role lock.