A ton of new Overwatch content is coming soon—and most of it will be a surprise to players

There's more than just the Blizzard-themed skins, according to Jeff Kaplan.

We’ve known for a while that we’re getting new Blizzard-themed Overwatch skins this year. But according to Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan, there’s a ton more content we haven’t seen yet.

All of the new stuff, including the Blizzard-themed skins and new map Blizzard World, will be released in early 2018, Kaplan said. “Between you and me, I am hoping before the end of the month [for the new content release],” Kaplan said in a forum post. “But ‘stuff’ can happen.”

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Kaplan didn’t expand much on what the new content will be, but he made it clear that most is the new stuff is not related to Blizzard World. It’s not just skins, either. “The new stuff is a whole range of items—not just skins… so highlight intros, emotes, sprays, etc.,” Kaplan said. “If you guys really dig the Blizz stuff, then we’ll make more of that in the future… we love doing it.”

All heroes will get new content, but it won’t all be of the same tier, Kaplan said. Some heroes will get legendary stuff, while others will get more basic gear. The decision as to who gets what was made with previous content drops in mind: Who has a lot of stuff already and who doesn’t?

All of this content will be available in Overwatch’s base loot boxes, meaning they’re not tied to any event. Just like all of Overwatch’s regular skins, they’ll be unlockable throughout the year, regardless of what event is going on.