Jetpack Cat finally added to Overwatch, but not as a hero

Sadly, Jetpack Cat is not playable.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s most-desired potential hero has finally been added to the game—but as a cup and not a hero.

Jetpack Cat is now an ongoing joke (and tease) between Overwatch’s developers and fans. Once a hero that was deemed too ridiculous for the Blizzard first-person shooter, Jetpack Cat has been a fan-favorite since 2017 when Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan mentioned the hero that went too far in an interview. We saw concept art later that year, further stoking the flames. And then it was Brigitte’s release, which put Jetpack Cat at the forefront, but as the new hero’s pet and not a playable character.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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But so much time has passed since then (nearly a year) and Overwatch has changed. We have a hero that’s a large rodent in a mechanical hamster ball. In a post-Wrecking Ball world, it feels like anything can happen. And that’s why the community still believes in Jetpack Cat—a soaring, enigmatic creature, wind blowing through its long, white fur.

Brigitte’s latest victory pose, uploaded to Overwatch during the Winter Wonderland event, is a wink to fans. From the front, the cup she holds in her “Toast” victory pose is a fluffy white cat. But spin it around and you’ll see the jetpack rockets.

This is hardly a clue that Jetpack Cat will become a playable hero, but more of a character detail for Brigitte. As evidenced by her other cosmetics, she’s a serious cat lady. At least five of her Overwatch sprays feature cats, as did her release teasers and her origin story video.

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