Dr Disrespect rages after dying in Overwatch

We have all been there.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

Overwatch is not for everyone. The game requires teamwork to take objectives and eliminate enemies and is not designed for players to dominate on their own. Dr Disrespect has recently started playing Overwatch and has not had a pleasant experience so far. His latest outburst was caused by Ana putting him to sleep and swiftly killing him.

The Doc was escorting the payload on Dorado as McCree when he encountered an enemy player playing as Ana. Dr Disrespect engaged the enemy player and managed to do a lot of damage and seemed confident in securing the kill. Ana had other plans, however, and shot Doc with a sleep dart and killed him while he was unconscious. The incident caused Doc to completely lose his composure, he wasn’t even able to articulate his feelings for a brief second. “I wanna, I wanna, I wanna fuck this up. It’s fucking bullshit,” the Doc said.

This is not the first time Overwatch has rubbed Dr Disrespect the wrong way. Last week he complained about the amount of clutter on his screen and not knowing what he should be shooting at. He also is not a fan of the shields featured in the game and absolutely hates Zarya.

Dr Disrespect is used to games such as Call of Duty, which allow players to run around and eliminate players or secure objectives by themselves. It’s almost required for players to work together in Overwatch and players acting on their own will not find much success. Dr Disrespect will need to figure this out if he wants to stop being an easy kill for the enemy team.