Dr Disrespect complains about Overwatch’s excessive VFX and “50 billion shields”

The streamer was aggravated by the visual clutter in the game.

Screengrab via DrDisrespect
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Dr Disrespect really, really hates shields in Overwatch.

The streamer ranted about the game’s shields and excessive visual clutter on stream last night after a match on Havana went south.

Dr Disrespect and the rest of the attacking team were having trouble breaching the enemies’ defenses. The opponents were running a combination of Zarya and Orisa as tanks, coupled with Mei and Moira, and Doc’s team was eventually outgunned after having a DPS and support picked off. The defenders were using several skills, such as Orisa’s shields, Zarya’s barriers, and Mei’s Ice Wall. To top things off, the streamer died to Moira’s Coalescence, an intense beam of energy that damages players in the radius. All the visual clutter angered the Doc.

“What am I fucking shooting at, man?” Dr Disrespect said. “I don’t know what I’m playing. I don’t know what to shoot at. There’s 50 billion shields and VFX all over my fucking screen. What do I shoot at?”

Shields aren’t Dr Disrespect’s only pet peeve in Overwatch, apparently. He’s also not particularly fond of Zarya, according to a Twitter video.

“I hate that character,” the Doc said after being outgunned repeatedly by a Zarya. “I don’t like to play against it, it’s not fun. Fucking just sits there and puts her purple shield up and gives her more energy and it’s still able to shoot. Like, what the hell?”

The streamer also used a series of nicknames to refer to the hero, including “this guy with his flamethrower,” “bubble laser,” and “this guy with the fucking laser bazooka.”