Streamer continues to play Guilty Gear: Strive during earthquake in Twitch Rivals event

Despite the natural disaster there was no dip in performance.

Image via ArcSystemWorks

Competition can be tough in the FGC, but one thing that could stump any competitor would be a natural disaster. For one streamer, however, this wasn’t enough to stop them from competing in a recent Guilty Gear: Strive tournament.

During a Sept. 17 stream, streamer Reynald Tacsuan was taking part in Twitch Rivals’ Guilty Gear: Strive tournament when an earthquake struck his area. While it would have been excusable to abandon the match, but Reynald instead took his Fightstick off the desk to be more stable on his knee and continued playing the match with no noticeable drop in performance.

Following the match, Reynald shared a clip of the incident. Later on social media, he also thanked Twitch Rivals for having him take part in the event. “I had a lot of fun being in a lot of danger,” he wrote.

Fortunately, the earthquake didn’t seem too severe and didn’t injure the streamer, but his composure during the tremors and ability to continue to perform was still extraordinary.

Even with the earthquake, Reynald finished with a 5-3 record, topping Team North America’s results.