Tfue kills player through pyramid thanks to emote

How cheeky of him.

Tfue is back on Twitch and YouTube after both channels were taken down.
Screengrab via Tfue

While some players would become impatient while sitting just feet from an enemy in Fortnite, Turner “Tfue” Tenney pulled off an incredible play using an emote.

Instead of pushing a player sitting that was sitting in a brick structure with a pyramid, Tfue began emoting in his own structure. This prompted the opposing player to emote as well, allowing Tfue to shoot the player’s head, which clipped outside of the pyramid due to the emote.

Immediately after securing the elimination, Tfue’s chat erupted with emotes and laughter. Tfue, knowing what he did probably made the other player throw his headset in anger, acknowledged how cheeky the move was while laughing.

Tfue certainly missed an opportunity to perform the ‘Take the L’ dance after getting the kill, though.