Sony’s PS5 has sold 17.3 million units, lagging behind PS4’s pace

Despite its rapid start, supply issues have caused problems for the PS5.

Image via Sony

Despite becoming the fastest-selling Sony console ever in 2021, things seem to have slowed for the PlayStation 5.

According to Sony’s Q3, 2021 earnings report that was released today, the PS5 sold 3.9 million units in the final months of 2021, while the same period in 2020 saw 4.5 million units sold.

Sony claims this to be due to disruptions in their supply chain and component shortages, including the semi-conductor shortage that has plagued the gaming industry and seen the production of PS5 consoles unable to meet demand. The company also shared that it expects these issues to continue. 

As pointed out by Neko Partners gaming analyst Daniel Ahmad, the number of PS5’s sold to round out 2021 is lower than that which was sold by the PS4 in the same timeframe from its respective release.

In the graph, you can see that in its fifth quarter, the PS4 outsold the PS5 by almost double while other quarters were close. Overall, at this point in their lifecycles, the PS4 had sold 20.2 million, while the PS5 trails slightly behind at 17.3. This seems to corroborate Sony’s claims that the semi-conductor shortage is responsible for the restriction on sales.

The demand for PS5 consoles still remains high as anyone who has tried to purchase one themselves will surely agree. Once supply issues are resolved, it’s likely that there will be once again an increase in sales as buyers finally get the chance to pick up the device. It isn’t clear when these supply issues will be resolved, however.

You can check out Sony’s full Q3, 2021 earnings report here.