Some Dota 2 players are experiencing FPS drops with Nvidia cards

Hang on tight for a hotfix.

dota 2 vengeful spirit loading screen
Image via Valve

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Dota 2 players are experiencing dropped frames in their games, despite having some of the most powerful Nvidia graphic cards in their system.

A player recently voiced their concerns on Reddit, citing their hardware as the Intel Core i7-8700K and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060, both released in 2019. The only workaround to the problem was to play the game in VSync, despite the technology being notorious for increasing input delays.

On Dota 2‘s official Steam page, the minimum listed graphics card is the Nvidia Geforce 8600/9600 GT, a mid-ranged card released in 2008. While the specs might have increased slightly since the MOBA’s transition to the Source 2 engine, it certainly shouldn’t affect one of the best mid-range GPUs on the market.

Several other players with Nvidia cards voiced their concerns along with the original user who created the Reddit post, proving that this isn’t an isolated case.

Another user pointed out that instead of a hardware problem, it’s possibly a software issue with Nvidia’s 441.08 drivers. With so many different games on the market, a hotfix or a tweak could inevitably put another game in a bad spot.

This sort of occurrence isn’t exactly rare, though. Previously, Nvidia’s 436.48 driver version caused stuttering issues in Apex Legends and was fixed after a few days. A potential Dota 2 hotfix could be released soon.