How to reduce lag in Fall Guys

One second lost makes the difference in this game.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the new non-violent battle royale by Mediatonic. And just like in many online games, players can face lag problems while playing Fall Guys. Lagging is a latency issue that causes a delay with the avatar while playing.

There isn’t much you can do to reduce lag if the problem is a slow internet network, but switching to a wired connection will allow you to use your full bandwidth and have a more stable connection.

Image via Mediatonic

Latency is also determined by the distance between you and the game’s server. It’s recommended that you play on a server that’s closest to where you are, so choose one in the same country as you.

Due to the high demand after Fall Guys’ full launch on Aug. 4, the developers had to deal with several server issues. So if you’re experiencing lag issues right now in Fall Guys, the problem could have to do with the game’s server.

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Aside from checking your internet connection, it’s important to check the minimum hardware requirements needed to play the game as best as possible before looking for the source of other issues.

Minimum system requirements

OSWindows 10 64bit only
ProcessorIntel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
Memory8 GB de RAM
GraphicsNVIDIA GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950
Graphics2 GB de espaço disponível

Possible fixes

Fix one: Restart your modem

This is a fast fix that’s almost a cliché, but it’ll clear the cache that’s been accumulating, especially if your device hasn’t been switched off in a long time.

Fix two: Increase the priority of Fall Guys from the Task Manager

When using applications like Google Chrome, Discord, Spotify, or a video game such as Fall Guys at the same time, your PC will prioritize which application to run with the most power. After closing them, there will still be background functions running, so prioritize the game to try to improve your lag problem.

  1. Launch Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout via Steam
  2. Press Alt+Tab to minimize the game
  3. Open Task Manager
  4. Click on Details tab
  5. Search for the process of Fall Guys for the list
  6. Right click on the process and Set Priority to High

Fix three: Disable your antivirus software

The software may impact your bandwidth, slowing down your download speed. You can try to disable any security software that might be running on your computer before playing.

Fix four: Change your Discord configuration

Many people play while using Discord. The application can reduce your system’s performance as well. Here’s what you can change to solve the Discord interference:

  1. Launch Discord
  2. Go to User Settings
  3. Click on Voice & Video from the left sidebar
  4. Scroll down to Advanced section
  5. Disable “OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco System, Inc.”
  6. Disable “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority”
  7. Click on Overlay from the sidebar
  8. Disable in-game overlay
  9. Click on Appearance from the left sidebar
  10. Scroll down all the way to the Advanced section
  11. Disable Hardware Acceleration
  12. Restart Discord