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How to gift items in Fortnite

You can send a present to a friend just in time for the holidays.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games unveiled its highly-anticipated gifting feature on Monday, allowing Fortnite players to give cosmetics to one another.

While the change had been rumored for some time, the Fortnite developer officially rolled out a trial version of the item gifting system on Monday, which will stay for one week. Players on all platforms other than iOS will be allowed to purchase gifts for friends for the next week, and will likely be able to do it much more once the feature returns at a later date.

It’s a pretty simple process to gift items to friends. Players need to navigate to the Item Shop and select any available item, which will prompt players to either purchase it for themselves or buy as a gift. Once selecting the gift option, players can choose which friend they want to send it to, along with a personal message.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

If you’re not able to send a gift to a specific person or anybody at all, make sure you have multi-factor authentication enabled. You also need to be friends with the person you’re gifting to for at least 48 hours. You also can’t gift more than three times in a day.

And if you’re not interested gifting to others, you can disable the feature in your account settings.

The trial version of item gifting will be vaulted in a week, according to Epic. And we can assume it will return fairly soon with the holidays quickly approaching.