How to get Sun Stones in Pokémon Go

Get ready to grind.

Image via TPCI

Pokémon Go has too many evolution methods and evolution stones to count, with one of the most common being the Sun Stone.

It’s required for a bunch of Pokémon throughout multiple generations, with creatures like Gloom, Sunkern, Cottonee, and more needing it to evolve to their next strongest form.

But how exactly do you get this item, and any other evolution stones in-game?

Sun Stones are effectively random to get outside of events that give them to players for completing tasks. You can obtain one through spinning PokéStops but it is incredibly rare, with around a one-percent chance for a PokéStop to give you one of any evolution item.

You can also get them through weekly breakthrough rewards. But there’s no guarantee that you will get a Sun Stone, if anything, once you complete the lengthy task.

It is completely random, so prepare to be in for the long haul when it comes to getting this illusive stone.